About Us

Indiepop Press was born from a desire that I had to create designs, prints and stationery using a more tactile, robust and raw median; so once I tried letterpress I was hooked.

I undertook a year long course under the tuition of the fine artist Elizabeth Willow who has remained a close friend and supporter of my work. 

Most of my work is created using beautiful metal or wooden type and ornaments on our antique presses, turning what was once and industry into an art form; but I enjoy experimenting with polymer plates and other materials to create unique and tailored pieces.

The desire to share this art form with others has lead to the creation of a not for profit, open access letterpress studio in North Wales called ffowndri. At ffowndri we provide workshops in letterpress and associated arts and crafts; and a space for artists to use to create their own work. More information about ffowndri can be found on the ffowndri website.

Thank you for you visiting,